Solar System Dynamics by Carl D. Murray and Stanley F. Dermott

Solar System Dynamics is the first textbook to provide a comprehensive description of the dynamical features of the Solar System. Published by Cambridge University Press, it provides an authoritative reference book for students of celestial mechanics and planetary dynamics.

Table of Contents

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Chapter Headings

  1. Structure of the Solar System
  2. The Two-Body Problem
  3. The Restricted Three-Body Problem
  4. Tides, Rotation and Shape
  5. Spin-Orbit Coupling
  6. The Disturbing Function
  7. Secular Perturbations
  8. Resonant Perturbations
  9. Chaos and Long-Term Evolution
  10. Planetary Rings
  1. Appendix - Solar System Data
  2. Appendix - Expansion of the Disturbing Function
  3. References


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